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The appraisal meeting for high-performance plasma spectroscopic

The appraisal meeting for high-performance plasma spectroscopic instruments and their applications was successfully held

Scientific instruments are the cornerstone of scientific research and technological innovation, as well as an important guarantee for economic and social development, national defense security, environment, and health. In order to promote the innovative development of domestically produced high-end scientific instruments, the organizer invited top academicians and experts in the industry to evaluate the achievements of multiple high-performance plasma spectroscopy series instruments independently developed by our company.

On site of the achievement appraisal meeting


High performance plasma spectroscopy series instruments

In the afternoon of December 22, 2023, the appraisal meeting of "High Performance Plasma Spectroscopy Series Instruments and Applications" organized by the Chinese Instrument and Instrumentation Society was successfully held in the AIliben Science and Technology Research and Development Center. This meeting was online and offline. Academician You Zheng of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (online), Academician Zhang Yukui of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (online), President of the Chinese Academy of Metrology (online) Professor Liu Chengyan, Executive Vice Chairman of the China Association for Analysis and Testing, Professor Yang Xiaobo (online) from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Engineer Zheng Heng from Southwest Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Professor Guo Xinjiang from Southwest Oil and Gas Branch of China Petrochemical Corporation, and Professor Ma Zheng from the School of Information Science and Technology at Southwest Jiaotong University attended the meeting as experts of the appraisal committee. Zhang Tong, Secretary General of the China Instrumentation Society, introduced the background of the conference, appraisal materials, and members of the appraisal committee, and organized the selection of the chairman of the appraisal committee.

Welcome speech from Vice President Yang Jiebin of China Testing Technology Research Institute

Professor Duan Yixiang's defense and explanation

Professor Duan Yixiang, Chairman of Ailiben Technology and from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Sichuan University, defended and elaborated on the project background, product technology, and application promotion.


Expert group questions and suggestions

During the evaluation period, the experts of the appraisal committee carefully listened to the technical innovation points, phased achievements, and application situation of the new product, carefully reviewed the appraisal materials, and highly recognized the appraised product. They also provided systematic and guiding opinions.
Duan Yixiang stated that he will carefully digest and absorb the opinions and suggestions of experts from the appraisal meeting, further focus on the needs of national key projects, promote the transformation and application of achievements, and help promote the industrial application of more advanced scientific and technological achievements.
After being reviewed and evaluated by experts from the appraisal committee, this achievement appraisal has been approved.

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